Deviant Otter’s selfie & photo sets

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Episode with Deviant Otter — Star fucked

All right, that’s how we like to see our horny studs – wild guy on guy action, all sweaty and horny to the max! Only real men and no pussies with shaven pubes are the right stuff and Deviant Otter knows this far too well. Forget your every day model that has no use in daily life – enjoy watching these kinky dudes having threesome in the wildest way possible!


Episode with Deviant Otter — The Breeded Boy

This beardy guy sure knows his way around a guy’s cock. Don’t get me wrong – every guy knows his way around that area, but that doesn’t mean that your blowjob skills will be perfect right off the bat. On the contrary – you need a lot of hard work and many cock-sucking hours before you get just the right grip and tongue work to make any of your boyfriends happy otters!


Fun with abeardedboy

Check out these two horny furry guys going at it. They know what they like and know how to get it. Watching them will never be boring.


Tatted Otter pounding

Tattoos and furry chest is exactly what you can expect when you strip this otter naked. He fucks like there is no tomorrow and he can’t get enough of it!


Big dick Otter breeding

Well maybe he’s not exactly breeding, but he sure looks like he’s trying hard to do it. Join us and watch this awesome guy in action that will blow your mind!


Pumpkin violation

If you have no one to take care of your cock, you can always use tools or something else. Just like this deviant otter who found a decent replacement for guys’ asshole in pumpkin.


Punk ass spunk

Pain and pleasure, both combined is perfect combination for a nice evening. Or day. Or morning. Heck, this can be fun at any time, when you have someone to enjoy it with!